About Us

Genre: Acoustic Island Contemporary

Members: Jody Kamisato & Micah Ganiron & TJ Mayeshiro

Hometown: Hawaii

About: Heart & Soul is the dynamic ‘ukulele trio of Jody Kamisato, Micah Ganiron and TJ Mayeshiro. Together they represent a new breed of music fusing island sounds with a contemporary edge.

Currently Heart & Soul is performing twice a week at Disney’s Aulani Resort and Spa on Oahu.  They are the featured act in the Starlight Hui show that incorporates many of Hawaii’s Top hula dancers and musicians.  The show takes you through a magical journey around Oahu and through time from the traditional forms of the hula to a more modern form of the hula.

Heart & Soul has also performed in the 2010 New York Ukulele Festival and received rave reviews with performances ending in standing ovations and encore’s. They recently toured Japan and also performed as a special guest in the Ukulele Picnic in Yokosuka.  Heart & Soul is looking forward to continuing spreading their love & passion for music & ‘ukulele with people around the world! Mahalo for your support!

Current Location: Oahu

General Manager: Lisa Ching – (808) 388-6388 booking@heart-n-soul.net

Booking Agent: Lisa Ching – (808) 388-6388 booking@heart-n-soul.net

Press Contact: Lisa Ching – (808) 388-6388 booking@heart-n-soul.net

Interests: Playing music, and eating good food of course! 🙂